5 Latest webdesign trends

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  • 5 Latest Webdesign Trends

Once in a while in web-design world, much like any other industry, new trends start to pop up to either compliment what was in place or totally shake things up by offering something totally radical. Here are what we believe are the latest trends.

The 5 web design trends:

1. Interactive Infographics

Infographics were in their peak game last year, and they’ve only gotten better in 2015. Previously, most designers created infographics as static images – things that people couldn’t interact with. Nowadays, there’s a moving web design trend towards interactive infographics, where people can interact directly with data points and images on the infographics themselves.

2. Line Icons and Ghost Buttons

Increasingly, more web designers are implementing line iconography and ghost buttons (transparent buttons outlined in a thin line) in their designs. By doing this, they create a much simpler and cleaner aesthetic, making icons and buttons appear lighter and act as mere support (rather than the primary focus) to larger and more colorful imagery, such as high-resolution photography or illustrations. We attribute the introduction of Apple’s iOS7 as one of the reasons why this web design trend has kicked off.

3. Material Design

Initially developed by Google, material design combines aspects of the popular flat design with some slight animation and gradients that produces a kind of 3D effect to certain added elements. As Google describes it, this “material” is “grounded in tactile reality, inspired by the study of paper and ink, yet technologically advanced and open to imagination and magic.” Google’s recent update to its iOS app integrates this web design trend.

4. Microinteractions

Microinteractions are small animations aimed at engaging users and making the content with which they engage more interesting. For example, look at LinkedIn’s use of microinteractions – hovering over the “ways to keep in touch” box on LinkedIn’s web platform, you’ll notice that hitting the “skip” button creates different microinteractions that give users additional options and provides a unique animation.

5. No Header Background Image

While last year saw a huge focus on larger and customized photography in campaign areas of various websites, we predict that we’ll see less of that as we move through the year. Unlike images appearing at max width and running to the edge of a browser/page, the company believes that there will be a greater web design trend towards less imagery and even more simpler campaign areas. Essentially, they believe that there will be less a focus on images and more on the content (with cleaner typography).

There you have it, folks. Until the next one. :)

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